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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Natural Foot Health

Example of a bad website: Natural Foot Health

A lot of people are turned off by feet.  Even pretty, manicured feet.  This foot-centric website does NOT feature pretty feet.  Actually - we're not sure what the site's purpose is.  There's nothing to buy, nothing to do but read the content, which isn't all that interesting other than someone's trail-running blog entries that are a few years old.

If you're going to go to the trouble and expense of making a website, wouldn't it seem prudent to have that website actually make you some money?  At the very least, have it pay for itself.  There's a link to Create A Free Website at the bottom, so maybe there wasn't a cost for this one.  We hope not!

There is no 'design' present, the 'logo' is blurry and features the earth (?) and there's also no contact info.  Weird website.

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BuzyBee Graphics

Example of a bad website: BuzyBee Graphics

Buzy Bee?  Busy Bee?  It doesn't matter, there's nothing going on with today's bad website.  Your Web Styler! is currently not functional, although we've been welcomed and told it will be re-opened 'within shortly.'  

We weren't aware that "Web Styling" was done with the can of paintbrushes pictured on the landing page, but maybe that's how they did it back in 2010, the date mentioned.  

It's an ongoing curiosity why people leave websites active and non-functional, hosting is neither eternal nor free. Which means someone's wasting money keeping this one up.

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Example of a bad website: INFRARED HEATERS

Someone walking by took a look at this website on the monitor and said "Cool!  The space shuttle, and a Corvette?  That website must be about speed!" is not.  But we can see why that might be your impression. 

This website is actually for a company that manufactures infrared heaters.  We're not sure how they do that out of a PO Box, as that is the only address on the website but whatever.  Maybe they are tiny infrared heaters.  Made by tiny people.

The "navigation" is awful, the content ugly, with a lot of underlined text.  Normally, an underline indicates a link to further content, but not here.  They're just underline-happy.  There's really nothing positive to say about this poorly designed old website.

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Example of a bad website: QualityHosting4U

Is it a bad sign if your website's 'hit counter' shows only 1398 visits, and you've been in business since 2000?  Or, like us, are you just stunned there's a website out there that still has a hit counter!?

The whole site's a mess.  There's no design to speak of, the Testimonials are all gibberish, and the Our Clients list has many links to out-of-service websites, websites with malware warnings, or (sadly) websites that have since been redone by other companies.

With a name like "QualityHosting4U", it makes us think of Prince.  Maybe that's why this site hasn't been updated in a while!  R.I.P., Prince.  This website is 2bad 2B 4gotten.

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Indie Music

Example of a bad website: Indie Music

It is possible that this 1999 website was once the way to get noticed if you were a band that had no other way to get your music 'out there.'  However, MySpace soon came around, and now (of course) there are many other outlets to feature new artists and music.

So what is this website doing?  Like a houseguest that won't leave, it's just taking up space and not contributing at all.  The Artists Login doesn't work, nor can a New Artist sign up.  Seeing the Featured Artist post is from 2001 tells us that this bad website must have been abandoned, and is waiting out what must have been 20 years of pre-paid hosting.

Just for fun, we clicked on MP3s, and found pages and pages of bands/songs that would make great trivia team names.  We Should Be Sledding, anyone?  How about The Red Meat of Texas or Twerk-U-Lator?  Fun stuff.

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