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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Private Property

Example of a bad website: Private Property

We hope that the person who submitted this boogersite is okay. If looked at too long, the images flashing by on this website burn themselves onto your retinas. Please be forewarned before you click on the thumbnail to the left.

But seriously - what is UP with the multitude of crazy animated gifs? Check out the About page, with it's yellow forest featuring Tweety-bird and a "faceabook" link. Or the photo of the website's featured Actor holding a knife to his own throat. ??? The guestbook page, for some reason, has a dangling skeleton. Do you know the ABCs of website design? Always Be Consistent. Theme, design, and navigation should be consistent, or you're going to wind up with a hot mess that just makes site visitors confused, or even angry.

When you hire someone to develop a website, you're (in theory) promoting a person, business, or product. Why else would you bother with a website? The point is - if you're going to spend time and money on a website - please hire a professional. Just as you'd do when hiring an Actor. (just sayin'!)

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Apex Alarms

Example of a bad website: Apex Alarms

There are many companies that provide alarm systems for your home. You may see their signs in your neighbors' yards, and recognize the logos of nationally known firms. Not once, however, did you see a brown sign with neon font colors on it.  We'll bet the farm on this.  Would such a garish color scheme inspire confidence in the quality of the service?  In the professionalism of the company?  Probably not.  It doesn't look so good online, either.

This unfortunately-designed all-Flash (WHY???) website seems hell-bent on driving site visitors away.  Put aside (if you can) the sheer unreadability of the text, and try to navigate around the site.  You have to scroll around within the pages to see all of the text!

Don't use the 'back' button, though, or you'll leave the website.   Which, as you'll soon see, will be exactly what you can't wait to do.

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Example of a bad website: Softnoze

We don't know what a 'weld slag repel sheet' or a proxplunger is...but we'll bet that anyone who uses the products that this company is known for should probably buy a lot more of them. Maybe then this 'World's most experienced integrator' would buy a modern website.

Testimonials and mentions on other industry websites indicate that this company knows what they're doing, and may be the only company out there that does what they do. If that's true - or if, as a company, you want people to view you as THE resource for a product - make sure your web presence is up-to-date. Having your most recent Expo appearance listed as having been in 2001 is no way to illustrate your relevance to today's marketplace.

The lesson here is - keep your website current. And if you are self-aware enough to realize you should call on professionals for help, please contact our sponsor.

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Example of a bad website: MBLDesigns

"Are your hens going bald?" Do you need "coverage for those bald shoulders?"

It is hard to believe that as a company with a knowledgeable and educated staff, none of us had ever heard of or envisioned something called a 'chicken saddle.' Right? And no, they are not for riding chickens. Let us all thank the alert interwebs user who sent us this awful yet fascinating website.

Website design "fowls" aside - and there are plenty - let us at least credit this business for relying on PayPal instead of asking for credit card information in a non-secure manner. But back to the subject! There are even designs for you Packer fans. However, after Monday night you many want to strap these on a replacement referee instead of your chickens.


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Blue Moon Mfg.

Example of a bad website: Blue Moon Mfg.
This evening, there will be a blue moon. For those of you not familiar with this astrological phenomenon, the term refers to a second full moon in one calendar month. What does this have to do with the featured website in question? We could lie and tell you that this same website was submitted twice in the same month, which would be a cool coincidence. However, that is not true.
What IS true is that this website is a rarity. How many websites have over 1300 keywords associated with them? How many websites mention The Malburian Wars? How many people have actually heard of the Malburian Wars? (No one here, by the way...)
Seriously, if you can find what you're looking for on this site, purchase it, and have your transaction completed securely...who cares if it looks dated? We do. Please note, however, the warning that the products here "contain lead and are not suitable for children under 14". There must be something magical about turning fifteen that also makes you immune to the dangers of lead.

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