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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Starting Business License

Example of a bad website: Starting Business License

This is a real boogersite submitted recently by an alert Internet user. The submitter said that this site is "ugly, outdated, cluttered, chaotic, unfriendly, incoherent" - we couldn't have said it better ourselves.
This site looks like a dumping ground for information on how to obtain a variety of business licenses, and they sure seem to want to talk to you. We counted SEVEN areas to choose a form of live call or live chat, but they are all offline when we were reviewing the site. The Eastern time zone gets up early, baby - and you should be ready if you want more than business within your own time zone.

We're all using to scrolling vertically to see content lower than the initial landing page - but horizontally? NO.

The site says it's McAfee secure, but where's the 'sensible and coherent content' stamp of approval? This site wouldn't earn that award even if it did exist.

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Jones, Partners: Architecture

Example of a bad website: Jones, Partners: Architecture

We aren't quite sure what the Jones, Partners were thinking when they put this website together. From what we could tell, they just found out what Flash was and thought they would try to build something that would annoy everyone in the entire world! Websites are supposed to clearly state their purpose within a few seconds. FAIL! The word 'architecture' is right there – but if Jones, Partners build structures as unstable as this website, look out below. There’s even a 'taste test", as if that were even possible online. (Try it though, we’re still trying to answer the first question).

Websites are also supposed be easy to navigate. Double fail! The crazy blinky-blinky "menu" dots should have a warning (seriously!) for anyone that is seizure-prone, and when the content does load - it doesn't tell you anything of importance. The site is hard to read, hard to navigate and cannot possibly be good for business. Jones, Partners: do us a favor and get a new website, please!

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Auctioneers & Liquidators

Example of a bad website: Auctioneers & Liquidators

WOW! where to start...? If you have to tell your viewers the last time you updated your content, then you must be doing something wrong (and probably not updating often). The color selection for this site is, ummm, SCARY. There is no consistency or common theme and the colors clash with each other, making it hard to read. Webrings (webrings were popular in the mid to late 90s) and page counters are no longer being used - page stats can be compiled and tracked more efficiently by other means. Now for the navigation - is there any? Wait, we found the navigation -- starting two screens down. The site navigation should be easily found as should the contact information for your business. Another thing we want to mention here is that if you are building a business site then keep it as a business site. A quick look at this site makes us wonder if they are auctioning off babies and dogs.

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Cherokee Rose Border Collies

Example of a bad website: Cherokee Rose Border Collies

Happy Summer! - wait, what is this the purpose of this website? Sand Castles? Relaxing in your hammock? Maybe if we could read the navigation it would help. We have said this time and time again - websites are supposed to be advertisements, why tie up the biggest portion of your advertisment area telling your audience to have a nice summer? After reviewing the contents of this website we find out that (we think) they are selling Border Collie puppies. We shouldn't have to dig in order to find this information out. It should be front and center. Let's talk about navigation - first, it should be readable. Second, it should be well organized in a logical manner. This site fails at both of these things. Additionally, your logo should always link back to the home page (failed again!).

We rarely see so much space go to waste. 21 pages of "news" and the most interesting thing on the whole page are some dancing Presidents 70% of the way down the very long page. But wait – those 20 extra pages are on every page of this site – why?  We dare you to view "Border Collie Pups In Their New Homes" - just put on some eye protection first. This site, to be fair, was made long ago (we think), evidenced by the dog & cat dealer license on display that expired in 1998.

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Martin Sprocket and Gear

Example of a bad website: Martin Sprocket and Gear

Asking the user to decide which version of your website they want to view is completely wrong. HTML provides the ability to determine what the user has the ability to view and allows the developer a way to serve the proper content without asking them. On this site, the non-Flash version initially works, until you try the Home button.  Then you’re on the Flash version of the website - BAD!  The bottom nav choices don’t work in all versions, and on some pages they disappear completely. Having your navigation as part of the graphic for your website is also not a good idea. For this site, first of all, it's very hard to read. Secondly, without the proper alt text, this very important information will never be picked up by the SEO bots.

It seems that the developer wants you to know what browser they want you to use and they think you aren't very smart, telling you that they are going to use popup windows on some links. (just an fyi...if you click a link to open a window, the popup blocker generally won't block it) Just load the pages in the browser!  A website should never, never, never allow the user to end up in a dead end. There should always be a way to go back to the home page – and this website fails at that. Selecting certain menu items will take you to a section of the site with no way back.

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