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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Example of a bad website: X10

The submitter mentioned that the site looks like a porn site advertisement. We will take their word for it since none of us have ever accidentally clicked on a porn site. This is another great example of lack of focus due to every element screaming for attention.

Fortunately for eye doctors everywhere, the secondary pages have even larger flashing images, Only this time we have 44 pages of them.Think of your users, kids. If you can repeatedly hit the 'page down' button on your pages, consider breaking the information up into mulitple pages or get rid of it altogether.

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Example of a bad website: Mancow

The setup, design and maintenance of a website can be time consuming and expensive, especially when you figure in a hosting cost of $1.99 a month. So it is understandable that sites turn to advertising revenue to offset costs or make a little extra change. Mancow has more attention on adspace than on content. When you decide to run ads, take a look at the finished product and if you get a seizure from all of the flashing ads then rethink your ad strategy.

By the way, what exactly IS a Mancow? A steer? No, that's a bull that has been gelded. I think we'll just leave the definition alone - although a website should attempt to tell you what it's about at the very least.

Another issue with this self-appointed psuedo-political guru's site can be found on the station listings. Unless they only care about every other station, they may want to reconsider white text on a white background.

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Keb Paper and More

Example of a bad website: Keb Paper and More

We have no idea what this site is about. They claim to be the number-one source for professional service. From their name, we could assume that they are a paper company (and more) but good luck figuring anything else out on this random collection of pixels. When you decide to make a website, sit down and come up with a site map, outline or scribbles on a napkin - just make sure there is a clear purpose and focus for your site.

The other pages on the site appear to have the start of a design but at the risk of telling us any sort of useful information, the designer wisely stopped so that they could focus on the squiggly fire line graphics. By the way, touting “months of collective comprehensive knowledge and experience” doesn’t go a long way toward establishing trust.

We maintain that no one reads text but even if you tried to read some of the copy on these pages, you are faced with statements such as "everythig is disposable equipment". To be fair this site is probably still under development, but at the same time if your page is not ready for the world to see it then don't leave the door open when your pants are down.

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One Store 4 You

Example of a bad website: One Store 4 You

If you are compelled to write instructions on how to use your site, you’re doing it wrong! If people are emailing you and saying that they do not know how to find things, you’re doing it wrong! If Superman with his super-human eyes can not read your blue on black menu then (say it with us class) you are doing it wrong!

Everything on this site is weak at best, it's not a complete assault on the eyes but it is a sorry excuse for a shopping site even if it is just a collection of links to other stores. The sole purpose of this site is to get people to click on one or more of the banners on the hidden pages. Make things easy for your users! If you are selling products then show products on the front page. If you are a portal of links, (yep you guessed it) show links on the front page.

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Big Daddy's Bail Bonds

Example of a bad website: Big Daddy's Bail Bonds

We could say that this site suffers from a lack of branding because "Big Daddy" the logo is off the bottom of the page. Daddy must have noticed and he put his name at the top side and conveniently it is in the phone number too! Having your name on your website is important but clear concise branding is better than assaulting your visitors with your name. On second thought, most of the users here are probably in jail or getting someone out of jail.

The Most Wanted section is by far the best thing that we have seen today, who doesn't love looking at drunk reprobates showing off their tattoos on their very own wanted posters.

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