Want a free website?

by boogersite.com

Sure! Who wouldn't? Your business doesn't, and we'll tell you why. 'Free' websites are neither 'free', nor a good idea for your business.

"How fun!" , you think, as you find one of the 'free website builder' pages, and sit down to create your 'free' website in 'just a few minutes'. One of the first steps is to choose your "own personal url". Hey wait a minute... it doesn't look like my own personal url - there's the website-builder-company's name right there IN my new url. Oh. Well, that's not so bad, right? WRONG, do-it-yourselfer-breath. How's that going to look on your business card or other advertising? LIKE YOU CHEAPED OUT ON A FREE WEBSITE, THAT'S HOW.

Next step: "Choose from one of our many templates". Um... templates? You mean my website is going to look like everyone else's? No, look - I can choose my very own background color. Woo-hoo! That will make it look completely custom made. Not.

How can they afford to let me make a free website? To compensate for the costs associated with web hosting and maintenance, your 'free' website will be supported by advertising. That's right. Do you like to go to a website that's hawking a lot of other companies and cluttering up the page with unrelated ads? Of course you don't, no one does! But that's what you're going to get too.

But wait, there's more! You may be thinking it's cool to use all of the little plug-in gadgets they offer, but think again. A counter? Really? Professional websites do not and should not use them. If you have tracking utilities on your website, which we're hoping you do - you don't need the stupid little counter which may only show how little traffic you're getting. Shoot, even McDonald'sTM has stopped counting. The same applies to weather, games and music. Fine for personal websites but NOT for your business.

Hey, you're trying to ruin my fun! No, we're not trying to rain on your parade, we like to have fun too. But for a professional website that represents your business, you need to turn to professionals.

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