Examples of Bad Websites

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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BB Paper

When someone submits a bad website that was made with moldy old Frontpage, it's admirable in a way, because the thing is still running.  Sort of like finding out that the old guy who came in last in the marathon is 120 years old, but he still made it!  He's not going to win any prizes but he's still out there trying.

Today's featured website is like that.  Made with Frontpage 5, that dates this website as being from as long ago as 2002.  That checks out, as the date in the footer indicates 2003.  

Bravo to you, B&B Paper!  You've certainly gotten your money's worth out of your website.

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Villa Maria Assisted Living

Yahoo! SiteBuilder isn't around any longer, but some websites created with it are.  Today's example is one such site.

It makes you wonder if the color palette came with the package or if that was the 'designer's' choice.   You almost hope it wasn't chosen on purpose, because it is hard on the eyes.  

Most of the pages are unhelpfully titled Page Title, and two YouTube video links whisk you right off the page to YouTube.  How many people ever return to the main site?  We'll never know...but we didn't.  :)

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RCG Consulting

Today's submitted bad website isn't bad looking - although terribly plain, white space can be used effectively.  The main problem is - there's no 'there' there.  Bereft of content, or any visual imagery to suggest what type of 'consulting' is done here.

Let's check out their Contact, or in this case, the 'Get In Touch' page.  Whoops - a map of the San Francisco area, yet the address indicates Boston.  

Maybe the GoDaddy Website Builder wasn't the best idea...

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Pumphrey Marketing

At one time, it is possible that a marketing company did have a website at this URL. 

Not today!  It's now featuring online slots.  Or more accurately, gibberish about online slots. No one here at boogersite.com can figure out why anyone would take over a website and put up what (we assume) is a way to somehow get money from unsuspecting, extraordinarily gullible rubes.

We did the dirty work, clicking around on this terrible website.  Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to spend money.  It's all useless nonsensical blog posts.  Again, we ask - WHY?

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Clem Lumber

Well Clem - we waited.  This website was submitted over a year ago, with the comment that "shouldn't websites under construction just appear when they are done?" and the answer is yes.  To be fair, we waited.  A whole year and it's STILL under construction.   So now we don't believe you.

Although...seeing the cars in the only photo on the site, it may have been w-a-y longer than a year since this site was touched.  Is that a 1984 Monte Carlo in your parking lot??

Interestingly, the only address on this single-page website is a PO Box.  So where's the lumberyard?

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