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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Example of a bad website: ELECTRIFYING Times

This latest website is shockingly bad.  Just hover over the header, and you'll see.

There is so much wrong with this website, it's hard to know where to begin.  There's an ad crawl for completely irrelevant websites (50 Reasons Not To Vote for Bush, BadAssChick magazine, ENBI IS NOT DEAD); flashing animated gifs, outdated landing page content - a film premiere announcement from 2006 - and hundreds of links to interesting articles.  Seriously - they are horrid visually, but contain some fascinating information.

A very telling reminder of this website's age is the subscribe page.  You're to print out the form, fill it out, then mail it with a check.  A check!!  The 'webmaster' also has a email address.

Thanks for submitting it, alert internet user.  Keep 'em coming!

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Example of a bad website: WELSCO

It's keyword guessing game time again!  What do these keywords imply that this website is about?  Women-owned, air-seperation (misspelled, btw), zero helium, el dorado, smackover, and stoody?   A bunch of nonsense, right?   No!   It's a welding supply company!   How did you not know that?   Hint:  'welding supplies' would've been a great term to make this landing page about instead of the nonsense stuffed in as "keywords" - when in fact, none of those terms are even present on the page. 

Other issues include the old-style small content box, wasting a lot of screen-space, and there's no sense trying to view it on a mobile device.  Blurry, low-res photos are also in heavy use.  Clicking on the logo from any of the product pages leads to an utterly blank page.

To sum up - it's odd that a company that claims to be the "The Largest Woman-Owned Industrial Gas and Welding Supply Distributor in the United States" (and presumably successful) hasn't paid much attention to their poor quality website.

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Pearson Foods

Example of a bad website: Pearson Foods

Why would you want to waste your entire landing page user experience on an image?  In certain circles, a picture may be worth 1000 words. In web design, if there are no actual words, you've blown the opportunity to be found by anyone who may be searching for your product or service.  Search engines can't 'see' pictures.  They can see alt text, but in this case, there's nothing helpful.  images/homeimg.jpg" alt="home img"/> doesn't cut it.

Aside from that - this recently submitted bad website has other issues.  Besides not being mobile-friendly, the menu can't quite decide where it wants to be on sub-pages, Our Foods reads more like a cooking show description, not mentioning the company offering them even once - and because the banner with the company name in it is also a poorly titled image (design/images/banner00.png) it adds nothing to help search engines present the company in a search result. 

Although this website doesn't look comical as most that are submitted, it's got some underlying issues that make it a true boogersite.

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Molestation Nursery

Example of a bad website: Molestation Nursery

Bad websites come in all shapes and sizes.  This beauty here is no exception.  Navy blue, jade green - not all bad.  However - when this was submitted - no one wanted to click on the url.  Why?


TAKE A LOOK AT IT.  Molestation Nursery?  No thanks!  But look closer.  No molestation here - just a fairly empty blog about a "Nuresery" with an unfortunate URL.


Give some thought to your website design - in fact, a lot of thought.  But please don't forget what your url may look like to people unfamiliar with your business.  Yikes.

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Table 24

Example of a bad website: Table 24

At first glance, you can't really tell what this website is for (big mistake.)  Especially if you were on your iPad or iPhone.  Adobe Flash ain't ever gonna work on those. Message to overpriced developers out there: QUIT USING FLASH ON WEBSITES. You charge people a lot for something that excludes HALF of smartphone visitors.  As of Dec. 2014, Apple vs. Android phone sales were in a dead heat, at 47% each. 

So what is Table24?  A closer look reveals that it is a restaurant.  The Flash content you couldn't see is slow pan of the interior of this place...completely empty.  There are no happy smiling diners eating delicious food.  There are no pictures of the food.  That strikes us as odd, how about you?  Then again - the company claiming credit for this website doesn't even have (at the time this reviewer checked) a functioning website of their own, so what does that tell you?

The About Us page thankfully tells of an Artisan Cage-Free Egg Sandwich, which doesn't sound tasty at all, but does solve the problem of those hard-to-eat caged egg sandwiches.  It can be hell on your manicure, peeling those cages off.

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