Examples of Bad Websites

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Serial Killers

When you come across a website called serialkillers.net, you're afraid to look - right?   Not us!  This is gonna be great!

Well...not so much.  Rather than a rogue's gallery of faces, all with reward amounts posted under them - we have a website that appears to be a collection of blog posts, most of them promoting personal - ahem - 'enhancements', shall we say?  What a ripoff!  Why waste a quality domain name on advertisements for products that a self-respecting serial killer would not admit to needing?

Seriously - when planning your business website, seek out a domain that actually indicates what you do, if not the actual name of your company.  Your customers, and the internet, will thank you.

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Simple Clean!

When you see dancing jugs of cleaning fluid, does that make you want to buy some?  Whoever created this website seems to think so.  This recently submitted bad website advises that an eyedropper's worth in a pint bottle will make the best window cleaner, yet the current offer is 'buy 10 cases get 4 free' for $1200.00  That's FIFTY SIX gallons.  That quantity must be several lifetimes' worth at the advised dilution proportion...

The Cleaning Tips are fairly amusing, there's a section on Using Simple Clean on your Cat, and (believe it or not) Cleaning Pee Poo Bile & Blood.  Your average household issues, right?  Humorous uses aside, it's the design - or lack of it - that's the issue.  

At least the 'Buy Now' buttons lead users to a secure PayPal interface, which is the only sensible feature we've found.

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Psychic Eye Books

Psychic Eye - sounds as though we're being watched.  Are you spooked?  You WILL be, when you look at this hard-to-read website.  White and gold on a bright purple background?  Who foretold that to be a good idea?  An EYE DOCTOR, that's who.

For a website called Psychic Eye Book Shops, there aren't a lot of books on it, or for sale.  Oh, there are some, such as The American Atlas and The International Atlas.  Not sure what either of these have to do with Psychic material - but wait!  There is also a book for sale titled "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need."   Huh.  Then why have any of the other books for sale on this site?   Mystery.  Most interesting product?  Cauldrons.  Alas, they are 'coming soon.'

You can also arrange for an In-Person Psychic Reading if you're in their local area.  The rest of us will have to make do with a telephone reading, done by metaphysical practitioners ranging from Lady Loreena to Joyce SpiritEyes.

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Ninni's Bakery

Let's pretend for a minute that your company unfortunately went out of business.  Show of hands - who votes to tie up loose ends by taking down your website and terminating your hosting agreement?  Ok - most of you.   This latest bad website is a victim of what happens when you don't.

This website used to be for a bakery that was well-known in its area.  Genuine Italian pastries and wedding cakes, all made with recipes from 'the old country.'  Unfortunately, when it closed, no one thought to take down the website - and now it seems to belong to the Japanese.  Thanks to Google Translate, we're able to discern that the site now promotes (in Japanese) Roofing Contractors and Painting.

What good this is to the Japanese is a mystery.  Going to a website titled ninnisbakery.com to look for roofing and painting (in Japan?) seems to be a hard way to go about finding a contractor for your project. 

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Power Chemicals

This cannot be a real website.  It simply can't, especially if the images of what look to be nuclear power plant cooling towers have ANYTHING to do with this company.  If Power Chemicals does something as simple as selling products to power companies, you'd still think/hope/imagine that a professional image for such a serious business would be important to both seller and buyer.

In this case - Frontpage (6!!) is no way to go about portraying a professional image.  Who knew there were any living Frontpage websites still alive out there? 

We double-dog dare you to click on some of the microbiological problem Gallery images, but only if you're nowhere near eating lunch.  Another treat is the Paper Specialties page, entirely in Japanese.

Most of the site is unreadable, having colored text on a patterned background.  Another example of bad website design that could have been avoided by applying some common sense.

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