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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Propeller Island

Example of a bad website: Propeller Island

My my, what’s this?  A dance club for four ladies and one guy with no pants?  Nope – it’s a site for a ‘habitable work of art in the heart of Berlin' that is actually pretty awesome, judging by the rooms.  Granted, this website’s native language is not English.  However, if you are going to offer a website in additional languages, make sure that all of the text is translated (this includes the title hovers for the links). Another wrong turn is the use of color, which is one of those great things you can use (or abuse) when building a website. Here, use of multiple colors do not compliment each other nor provide adequate contrast to help the reader of your site.  There are also links on the main page of the website that go nowhere!  

If the user had their browser running at a resolution of 800x600 they would never see the links on the right side of the screen. Now, on to the Rooms section of the site...where the various and very cool themed rooms are on display.  In small photos.  Sure, the word BIG is there to theoretically offer a larger picture – but it’s not much larger.  Use the space available!   And, make it easy for the users by making your links descriptive. If I want to look at the forest room, what number was that?  (some of the numbers are missing, by the way) Finally, the most important information (phone numbers, address, pricing) is hidden in very small text at the bottom of the page.) Overall, cool idea - the hotel that is.

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Yvette's Bridal Formal

Example of a bad website: Yvette's Bridal Formal

What in the name of all that's holy IS this thing?  The person that submitted this site said "It looks like a crayon box threw up on it".  That is far too kind.  There is NO navigation, NO organization - nothing.  The url indicates this site may be for bridal formalwear, but among the shout-outs to friends' websites, and random blurry photos of girls playing dress-up - we don't even see a way to buy whatever Yvette is selling.  There are links to "delicious yummy recipes", as well as "fashionable literature" - whatever THAT is. 

We weren't willing to risk our corneas by clicking around this site too long, and anyone looking for bridal formal wear will surely move on to a site that presents wedding gowns in a more professional and appealing manner.

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Hillstock Services

Example of a bad website: Hillstock Services

The logo of a grinning, rolling, toilet-on-wheels worries us.  Has it broken free of its wax ring, to go after the person that 'sprinkled when they tinkled' and didn't clean it up?  Yikes!

Just as worrisome: this website was done entirely in Flash for no reason. These are static pages that don’t require Flash. This will limit your audience. Why would you tell people to go to your website ON YOUR WEBSITE? If this site is meant to sell or rent the “Luxury Toilets” from Hillstock Services, then their phone number ought to be plastered all over the place.  You have 3-5 seconds to let people know what the purpose of your website is. At least their service is tailored to your "indervidual" requirements.  Spell check, people!

Worth noting - if the photos on the landing page are of the interior of what are essentially portable toilets, they look awesome.

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Master Butcher

Example of a bad website: Master Butcher

First off, if you have to tell someone how to use your website then you are doing something wrong. Our first impression is that Othmar wants people to know that he is a Master Butcher – but there is also a whole "About Me" section on being a tiger tamer.  You animals had better behave, that's a Master Butcher you're dealing with...

Vegetarians, cover your eyes now - the stated purpose of this site is to become a source of information for the meat eating public. FYI, From 7/2005 to 2/2007 this website had 140,258 visitors.  Those must have been prime years for the meat trade.  By the way, the main logo of a website is supposed to be a link back to the index page, but it doesn't work on this site.  As informational as this site wanted to be, it was last updated in 2006 where a message board was added (this link is dead. Othmar must be busy with his meat).

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Bullet Maker

Example of a bad website: Bullet Maker

Does anyone else find it ironic that a website for an ammunition maker is also promoting the Marvels of Fruit?  Mixed messages aside, when you build a website you should have a theme for it.  The design theme (such as it is) doesn't go any farther than the front page.  This website is confusing as they make bullets (we think) but are they making them out of bananas and oranges? If you are going to make and sell bullets then skip the fruit!

The author warns us that interrupting him to check on your order status only slows him down.  How 'bout an online order status area, then?  Don't bother leaving a phone message either, he doesn't call people back.

Ammo and oranges - rock on!

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