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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Stop Alien Abductions

Example of a bad website: Stop Alien Abductions

Alien abductions are bad mmm kay? Apparently we are prime targets for an alien mind control attack and most of the world is oblivious to the impending peril. Thankfully, Mr. Menkin has been protecting brains for the last ten years. The testimonials claim that an ugly hat has changed their lives. In fact, they have reached a whole new level on the social outcast scale. We would like to think that this is a joke and the author enjoys making fun of the real kooks that believe this sort of crap. The truth is that as you read through the pages, it is clear that this guy is certifiable.

With such a brilliant and essential tool, we were shocked that Mr. Menkin would have such a horrible website. Aliens probably abducted the real website. There is no color scheme, branding or visual interest to the pages and the only alien photo is the decades-old alien autopsy. Surely one of the many abductees has a more recent photo. The navigation is done with frames which makes bookmarking difficult. Also, search engines will not be able to properly index the site.


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Example of a bad website: NetPipes

There should absolutely be an expiration date on websites. We worry about pollution and littering, yet we allow any yahoo with a wysiwyg editor to pollute the internet with trash that they have no intention of cleaning up. NetPipes is a great example of a bad idea that has festered into a landfill over the years.

They start out by having you choose the entrance to their site. By now it should be common sense that an entrance page is bad mojo. So making the user choose between two intro pages is nefarious at this point. Normally the Flash intro would be considered the more heinous of the two options, but in this case the standard html version is far and away more offensive. These butt nuggets chose to recreate the Flash intro into pages with 'next' buttons. Mom must be proud.

The lesson here is to keep your website current. The NetPipes website is just too easy to make fun of.

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Pavement Maintenance

Example of a bad website: Pavement Maintenance

Wow, this site sucks. There isn't even an easy way to tell what they are talking about. One could guess from the url that they do repairs on driveways or roads, but there is nothing to confirm that suspicion other than a list longer than an L. Ron Hubbard novel.

We are going out on a limb but it appears that this site is trying to help owners of paving companies find the right domain name for their website. I guess it would have been too easy to tell us the purpose of the page. The value of the information is questionable at best and even the author warns not to trust the copy. "Compiled over 6 years by many sources and is not accurate."

Visitors can learn more about the pavement industry by playing on the expressway. If your website has a purpose make sure that your web pages fulfill that purpose, or you're just wasting everyone's time including your own.

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Hell's Belles Car Club

Example of a bad website: Hell's Belles Car Club

MySpace, Facebook and Twitter prove that the masses want their piece of the web. These sites also show that most of these people are horrible designers. At the same time, hobbyists using these tools can create a page that is useable and gets their message to the masses. With tools like these available, the average person should use them, instead of posing as web designers.

The Hell's Belles Car Club is an example of a site that means well and is aimed at a specific audience. This type of site is perfect for for a site like MySpace. They would still have the same control without alienating their audience. For example, they introduce the standard red color scheme, only to abandon it on all of the secondary pages. Likewise, they feature an icon-driven menu and then maroon users on all of the other pages. The only way to navigate through this site other than using the browser buttons is to use the "back the hell up" link that drops users back to the index.

Let's be honest, the Belles should stick to their passion of classic cars and let the pros do the web work.

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The Fitness Club

Example of a bad website: The Fitness Club

Oftentimes it's the small things that can ruin a web site, like not having clear branding or annoying Flash banners. To make matters worse, the company logo is not present on any other page except for the home page. The name of your company and what you do should be the first things that someone sees when visiting your site.

Most of the pages have little to no visual interest. The home page has a feature of a trainer and a photo of Jack Black, but apparently they are not fans since they buried it at the bottom of the page. The photos they have on the other pages are limited to blurry or out of focus postage stamps.This website should be a tool to get people to the health clubs for a visit but the designer hasn't given visitors any reason to go. Digital photos are a cheap and easy way to show people what your business is about.

With two branches and a fitness trainer to the stars, you would think that The Fitness Club could afford a professional website that shows they are serious about their business.

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