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Examples of Bad Websites

Help us clean up the Internet!

Submit your own bad websites.

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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St. Bart the Great

Example of a bad website: St. Bart the Great

Is a church website fair game for  You bet!  When there's a bad website out there, we find out about it.  Today's poorly-designed website is for a church in London which presumably has won awards from Trip Expert as "Best of London."  The church, we presume - NOT this website.

The church itself is beautiful.  You can see a lot of it, if you have the patience to page down 55 times on the Weddings page.  Hint:  a Gallery is a much better way to present photos.

Cluttered, disorganized, long, ugly are a few of the words used to describe this website by the person who submitted it.  Fun fact:  this church has been featured in a number of films - among them Muppets: Most Holy.

JK - it's Muppets: Most Wanted (2014)

It's going to take more than prayer to clean up this mess.

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Gee EyeCare

Example of a bad website: Gee EyeCare

You can be the BEST at what you do.  You can win awards, and be certified by organizations in your field.  But when it comes time to publish a website - shouldn't it be about what your customers or clients need?

Today's bad website certainly shows off how awesome this eye care practice is.  However, potential patients presumably would want to know what services you offer, front and center.  Your hours would also be important.  They'd want to schedule an appointment without using Facebook.  !!!!  In fact, don't ask anyone to 'like' your Facebook page before they've even been able to see what you offer.

This website is a font mess, with no design applied whatsoever.  Device detection should be automatic, with no need to 'click here' for the mobile version of a website. 

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The Psychic Secret

Example of a bad website: The Psychic Secret

Here at, we get a lot of bad website submissions that deal with psychics.  For some reason, this profession is a hotbed of terribly designed websites.  Today's ugly website is no exception.  A meaningless banner that matches nothing else on the website, scrolling text, a mishmash of fonts, and a glaring lavender background all combine for a visual turnoff.

In the old days, you likely had to seek out a Tarot reading at the county fair, or in an alley you'd never noticed before, and certainly hadn't been in.  Today - there are websites and PayPal.  How times have changed!

No matter how you run your business, a professional website is essential.  It's a mystery why so many homemade websites are still out there, especially for a psychic - who should know it was going to be on boogersite!

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L.T. Associates

Example of a bad website: L.T. Associates

Neon, as a fashion trend, peaked in the 80s.  One out of every three Americans owned a piece of clothing in at least one of the unnatural hues available.

Thankfully, the internet did not have many websites, if any, in the 80s.  Otherwise, websites such as today's bad website would have been EVERYWHERE.  And 'Eye Doctor' - as a profession - would have been very lucrative.

For cryin' out loud, WHY would you go to the trouble of creating a website, and then use painfully bright colors to frighten people away?  We can't even look at the yellow text on a white background without our eyes watering.  

We usually invite people to check out deeper website pages, but in this case, you're on your own.

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Example of a bad website: ACCL

Some bad websites submitted to us are old.  Some are small, with very limited content.  Not only is this insufficient website both of those, NONE of the navigation choices lead to anything but a 404 error.


The header is made of Flash; why ANYONE is still doing this is one of the mysteries we hope to solve soon.  The money wasted on Flash could've been put toward some actual design or content.  


We're often curious about companies who create the bad websites we see, and if you click on the company taking credit - the resulting website explains a lot.  

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