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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Precision Machine

Keyword game time again!  What do the words heavy, nylon, outages, plant shutdowns, and wacker make you think of?  Maybe a factory closed down with a giant week wacker?  Nope, it's a machine shop.  And if online directories which publish earnings are to be believed - a ten-million-dollar a year company.

Then why have this crummy old FrontPage website?  That's the big question here.  There's an invitation to take a virtual tour, but there's no video. The Staff page is "Not Found."  Something kind of funny is the employment application - asking all the way back to your Elementary school and "course of study."  For a machine shop!  Then again, it also asks about your typing and shorthand words per minute.  

The Testimonials are nice, but the most recent is from 2006.  Let's hope they have done some good work since then.

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CSI Fabricated

Right up front, we see a message that this website was last updated in July of 2005.  That explains a lot, because there is nothing modern about today's bad website.

There's no address, phone number, or indication of what this company does on the landing page.  Just a number of tiny little postage-stamp images, so we began to click on some of them.  It wasn't until the fourth one that we encountered a description of what this company does.  A few lead to Under Construction pages which is bad.  If the content's not ready, don't publish the page.

On-Line Ordering is a simple contact form, and Literature Request is non-specific.  We're tempted to request something from the NY Times bestseller list, just to see what happens.  Nah, we'll leave this old site alone, and you should too.

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It sure is BLUE, isn't it?  The subpages are colored differently, but for some reason BRIGHT BLUE was chosen for the landing page.  If it was meant to grab attention - it did.  Notice we called this bad website "HOME."  That's because it's the page title.  There is also COMPANY, New Page 2, and REPS.  Use your titles wisely!

There's not a lot to do here. You can read about the company, although good luck with the Mission Statement - it's light yellow text on a light gray background.  You can email the company, or any of six reps.

Finally, there is a Products page which describes the differences between the four types of lubricants this company makes.  Maybe lubricant production isn't that exciting, but we wish this website did more to make us think so.

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Page Title

These days, there's no excuse for having a crummy website.  You could pay a student a couple bucks to make something more appealing than today's bad website.  Here at boogersite, we advocate for hiring a professional web development company, such as our sponsor - but for heaven's sake - hire SOMEONE.

The person who submitted this website said that the company name sounds like a hoity-toity firm, possibly British - but as you can see, that cannot be the case.  

Maybe they went too far one day, and auctioned off a better version of their own website.
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It's nice to see a patriotically-colored website, especially these days.  

Or is it?

Does the bright blue and red on white hurt your eyes?  It kind of does - and also distracts from the message here.  

Today's submitted bad website is all about biker's rights in Florida.  It's a busy, deep website with a lot of content.  The main goal seems to be amassing a group of motorcycle riders to promote biker's rights, and to protect the freedom to ride.  That's all well and good, perhaps a better container for this information is all that's needed here.

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