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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Borough of Union Beach

Example of a bad website: Borough of Union Beach

Whether you are a person bothered by clutter or not,  this disorganized MESS is enough to throw a sane person into a fit of anxiety.  Where do you start!?

The center panel for News & Announcments would benefit from obvious date-stamping, and archiving articles as newer ones are added.  Upcoming Events on the left side are a paltry word or two, and not even clickable to get to more detail.

How about the right side?  Link after link after link which seem to duplicate the (normal) horizontal nav choices near the top.

If you tried to use this non-responsive website on a smartphone, you might cry.

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Valley Plastics

Example of a bad website: Valley Plastics

Although we haven't seen every bad website on the internet, we've seen a lot.  What we haven't seen is a business website with a page devoted to explaining the technologies used to create the website, and a bio of the developer!

As if the "design" didn't tip you off, a glaringly obvious clue that this is an o-l-d website is the fact that is "optimized for MS Internet Explorer 5.0"  For real?  Another clue:  The landing page has an announcement from 2005. Then again, we don't think this place is in business anymore.

If not in business, why leave your old website hanging out there like dirty laundry?  If you ARE still in business - for cripes' sake - update your website!

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Brilliant Electric Sign Company

Example of a bad website: Brilliant Electric Sign Company

We've been sitting on this bad website for a while, hoping something would change about the page presented when we try to view it.  Unfortunately, nothing has changed in months.

According to a popular online resource for company data which includes earnings, number of employees, and similar information - this company this website represents a business that's been around since 1929, has 55 employees, and over $8M in yearly revenue.

So what happened to their website?  A sign company surely understands the importance and value of quality signage - and what is a website really but a sign on the internet?

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Push Soprts

Example of a bad website: Push Soprts

We think today's bad website is about gloves to wear while riding bicycles.  You can't buy them on this website, but you can read all about them.  So...why the website?  If you can't buy the product, or see what retail locations carry them - what's the point?

The blurry photo isn't doing the site any favors either.

Text on the site includes "We agonize over the slightest details" but we have to assume they are only talking about cycling gloves, and NOT this FrontPage website.

By the way - the title of 'Soprts' is not our typo...that IS the page title.

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South Beach Gifts

Example of a bad website: South Beach Gifts

Dear Santa:

We hope that you and Mrs. Claus are well.  Here at, it is our responsibility to expose the worst websites out there.  That may seem naughty, but if you think about it - it's really a good deed.  :)

Therefore, our Christmas wish list includes having all FrontPage websites abolished, including this disaster.  This bad website belongs on the naughty list for many reasons, including having 723 keywords that mysteriously include candle-la-bras, hanker-chief, and Pvc box.  Yeah.  We don't get it either.  The marble-ized background is sinful, and the mix of fonts pushes it into lump-of-coal territory.

Please put a new website under this company's tree for Christmas.

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