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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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P & M Computers

These days, it's never a good idea to depend on Flash for elements of your website.  Especially not this many, and especially not on your landing page.  In May of 2016, Google told us it would eventually block Flash player content on Chrome.  That day arrived in December of 2016. Facebook made the same ban for videos but a year earlier. So this bad website has been flaunting its old technology for over two years past obsolescence.

Another issue with this site is that it's all image.  None of the content on this poorly made website is ever going to be indexed by search engines, all they're 'seeing' is...nothing.

If you're going to hire a company advertising their "best practices" in the arena of technology and IT services, you'd likely want to hire a company with those practices on display.




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Does anyone remember the movie Pinocchio?  The 1940 film about a marionette that wants more than anything to be a real boy?  This bad website reminds us of that movie, because we believe it wants to be a real website.  

It appears that the website itself is trying to sell its own domain, and why not?  If you purchased "oj.com," and you're not O.J. Simpson, it makes sense to shop it to orange juice companies.

There's no point cracking on the design, if you can call what you're seeing a "design."  But you CAN marvel at the huge set of keywords - 384 of them - which include (inexplicably) 'karmel,' vodka, alzheimers, Israel, queen, shopping mall, big bucks, beer in the morning, and chili.


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Today's bad website is all about the appearance.  A company could be the absolute best at what they do in their particular industry and their website could have an abundance of useful and relevant content - but if it looks old and unkempt, internet searchers might just click on to the next result.  

We could play the keyword game, as this site has 45 keywords or phrases.  Back when keywords were important, 2 or 3 per page was considered best practice.  But for old time's sake - what would you assume a website was about if there were keywords "Marvel Schebler" "Agriculture" and "Governors?"   Perhaps the latest comic-book based film about a politician who farms.  Hey, why not?  It's one plot that hasn't been used...

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Phoenix Feline Fanciers

Cats are awesome, right?  At least to a majority of the population.  Think about it - without cat videos, the internet might not exist!  Then what would you do with your spare time?  How about STUDYING WEB DESIGN!  We wish the organization with the tongue-twister name featured here would have done so, or had the good sense to hire a professional web design company.

Although some of the content is up-to-date, the design is certainly not.  Blurry graphics and an unorganized landing page deflate any excitement a website visitor may have had upon discovering this website.

We've even found a boogersite within a boogersite by clicking on the small round green cartoon(?) picture in the lower left corner.  Yikes!

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Keep Earth Beautiful

Today's ginormous bad website claims to have over 1000 pages.  Good thing the internet doesn't charge by the page, or this exhausting website would need a lot of donations to stay alive.

There's a lot of doom and gloom here, interspersed with "facts" meant to get people panicked about the state of the environment and earth.  Or at least that's what it seems like.  When a website has an abundance of exclamation marks and question marks, it's a tiring see-saw of 'declare then question.'

You can make your own decision on how you feel about the content of this website, but the scattered text, links, blurry pictures and lack of a cohesive design gets a big thumbs down from us.

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