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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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It looks like they didn't even "tri" very hard to make an appealing website.  Or to keep it updated, as the publications we found are from 2014 and 2015.  Maybe there's nothing going on at this company since then.  

There are a couple of pages under construction, and an E-Commerce Section coming soon, we are promised.

Small photos of the machines available don't do much for potential buyers, who like to see what they're thinking of buying.


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Fairfield Consulting

Oh my.  A consulting company, who sells - among other things - 'sophisticated e-commerce sites' is certainly pulling our chain with this bad website.

When a company is in the business of selling something, there are a lot of times when pictures or descriptions will have to suffice.  For example, if a business sells appliances, a website for such would have to rely on good photos, thorough descriptions, customer reviews, etc.

When a company sells website development?  Their website can and SHOULD show off that capability.

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Hess Print Solutions

"As an essential busniess,"  Yes, seriously that is the first line of text on a printing company's website.  Would you read further?  Or would you instantly feel uneasy wondering if the proofreader on staff would let errors go through on your job?

The site is also non-responsive, and not secure.  If so little care is taken with the first thing potential customers see, you may be wise to worry about what else might be carelessly handled.

A blank 'News' section on the landing page may mean there's nothing going on at all.


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Contractor's Depot

Contractor's Depot. Fooled ya!  It's nothing of the sort.  What we have here is a pointless website with a lot of really funny text.  "Expect the great whilst you rent our group of professionals on your residential healing wishes" is just one of the gems here.

There isn't actually anything to do on this website, other than read the comically written text which must have originated from a copywriter whose native language is not English.

So what we have here is a website that was hacked - but for what purpose?

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Today's bad website is a sad old Yahoo SiteBuilder website.  With a broken 'hit counter', which dates it back to the 1900s, at least.  (Kidding)  Or are we?

The company says they've been in business for 'over 7 years', which could be much much longer by now, if this website has been sitting there, not updated, since it was created.

There's a quaint reference to a "land phone" number, and unsurprisingly, a link to Yahoo! Maps.

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