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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Example of a bad website: Gymtek

A basic and sensible rule of website design is to tell visitors what you do or sell.  This should be obvious immediately upon viewing a website.  Can you guess what today's bad website is selling?  If you are nodding 'yes', you are lying.

There is NOTHING on the landing page to indicate what this company does.  The name - GYMTEK - implies that gym equipment, maybe even high-tech gym equipment could be the product being made here.  Nope!  Let's check the navigation choices for a clue.  Nope!  None are about Products or Services.  It isn't until you view the Company Profile that we learn that GYMTEK is a screw machine job shop.  If you don't know what that is, and we don't either, pictures of machinery or before and after images of finished products would help immensely.

The strange email address and underlying "technology" of FrontPage 4 are other indicators that this website is in serious need of professional help.

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Advanced (?) Plastics

Example of a bad website: Advanced (?) Plastics

When a company has the word 'advanced' in its name, there is an expectation that the business will be innovative and possibly in-the-know about things we common people would be impressed by.

NOT SO with this website!  Unless you consider FrontPage 4 to be 'advanced.'  It is astonishing that in 2016 anyone would be limping along with such outdated technology.  Bellowing WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE! in all caps is also a sign of antiquity.  Visitor counters and animated 'under construction' gifs are also blatant indicators of a website that hasn't been updated in a long time.

When reported earnings for a company are north of $20M annually, you've got to wonder why would anyone want to hang on to a poorly-designed and dated website.

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St. Bart the Great

Example of a bad website: St. Bart the Great

Is a church website fair game for  You bet!  When there's a bad website out there, we find out about it.  Today's poorly-designed website is for a church in London which presumably has won awards from Trip Expert as "Best of London."  The church, we presume - NOT this website.

The church itself is beautiful.  You can see a lot of it, if you have the patience to page down 55 times on the Weddings page.  Hint:  a Gallery is a much better way to present photos.

Cluttered, disorganized, long, ugly are a few of the words used to describe this website by the person who submitted it.  Fun fact:  this church has been featured in a number of films - among them Muppets: Most Holy.

JK - it's Muppets: Most Wanted (2014)

It's going to take more than prayer to clean up this mess.

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Gee EyeCare

Example of a bad website: Gee EyeCare

You can be the BEST at what you do.  You can win awards, and be certified by organizations in your field.  But when it comes time to publish a website - shouldn't it be about what your customers or clients need?

Today's bad website certainly shows off how awesome this eye care practice is.  However, potential patients presumably would want to know what services you offer, front and center.  Your hours would also be important.  They'd want to schedule an appointment without using Facebook.  !!!!  In fact, don't ask anyone to 'like' your Facebook page before they've even been able to see what you offer.

This website is a font mess, with no design applied whatsoever.  Device detection should be automatic, with no need to 'click here' for the mobile version of a website. 

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The Psychic Secret

Example of a bad website: The Psychic Secret

Here at, we get a lot of bad website submissions that deal with psychics.  For some reason, this profession is a hotbed of terribly designed websites.  Today's ugly website is no exception.  A meaningless banner that matches nothing else on the website, scrolling text, a mishmash of fonts, and a glaring lavender background all combine for a visual turnoff.

In the old days, you likely had to seek out a Tarot reading at the county fair, or in an alley you'd never noticed before, and certainly hadn't been in.  Today - there are websites and PayPal.  How times have changed!

No matter how you run your business, a professional website is essential.  It's a mystery why so many homemade websites are still out there, especially for a psychic - who should know it was going to be on boogersite!

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