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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Science Against Evolution

Something about it offends the eyes, we hope that it's not permanent.

Although there is a preponderance of very readable, interesting content, the bad website design - actually the LACK of design - makes it very hard to resist simply closing the browser window.  There are several rabbitholes to venture down, including 'web sites of the month', featuring a seemingly endless treasure trove of bad websites for those with hours and hours of free time to get lost in.

What is the purpose of this website?  If we can't tell by looking at it for a few moments, that is a basic failure.

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Stand Out Ohio

We're not sure what Stand Out Ohio used to do, but now they seem to be an online casino.  That surely 'stands out', but why?

If you've not secured your website or locked down your domain, your once reputable business can be turned into an online abomination which happened here.  Your company name is still in the url, so anyone looking for you online is going to find this terrible website.

For your own peace of mind, and future business opportunities, check on YOURS today.

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ProCare Home Health

Not a news flash:  Flash is gone, dead, unsupported, unviewable.  Yet here we are.  There couldn't be a more obvious clue that a company is either out of business or doesn't give a rat's patoot about their website than non-working Flash elements beckoning from beyond the grave.

It should never have been the entire focal point of your landing page anyway.  You can (if you wish) click on the various nav options, but what you will find is just as dismaying as the landing page.

Let's hope they care more for the people who need home health care than they do for this sad old bad website.

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A Better Truck Cap

How about A Better Website?  What casual viewers can't see is the blinking gif touting '33 years in business' which is outdated as soon as you put that online.  Using the year you began is standard practice.

Diamond plate background - we get it, you are automotive-related.  But the ball-hitch menu icons are a little weird, plus not all menu options work from all pages.

The site's not responsive, and although broken, we can't imagine what an 'audio tour' even was.  Click on 'powered by' to see who made this, and get an error page.  Not surprising...

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Valley Instrument Company

When a website is old, as today's bad website is, it can still be functional if the content is up to date.

What is not functional is having your valuable information in PDF format.  If a potential customer wants to download content in that format, great.  But when it's the only portrayal of your products on your website, search engines cannot see or read that content, which is a huge wasted opportunity.

In this case, the material is dated 2004, and may be useless anyway.  

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