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Examples of Bad Websites

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Submit your own bad websites.

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Roberston Restoration

Example of a bad website: Roberston Restoration

If you click on our thumbnail image to the left, as you would to visit any of the boogersites we review - please be careful.  Any page other than the landing page is going to hurt.  Your eyes may NOT be able to recover.  You are going to do it anyway, aren't you?  Dangit. 

This entire website is in a font and style that can only be called Eyestrain®.  A good design doesn't ignore font choices. It wouldn't matter if you were Bill Gates and had a website that gives away all of the secrets to founding a company such as Microsoft.  If people can't read what you offer, they're not going to stay on your website much less buy anything from you.

Hey wait...maybe all we need is 3-D glasses...

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Heaven's Gate

Example of a bad website: Heaven's Gate


Is this for real?


We just....can't.


If anyone can find something GOOD about this website, please let us know.

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Rich and Associates

Example of a bad website: Rich and Associates

This is a small website, to be sure.  But is that 'bad'?  Probably.  But let's give it a chance.  Maybe it grows.

First of all...we thought the name/logo was for a law firm, but then noticed the words Hospitality, Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion.  That doesn't sound we tried to click on those words.  Nothing.

Then we noticed the four tiny Cs.  See them?  THAT'S the navigation.

What's odd is that this company appears to have done work for some very large corporations, and it looks like good work.  So why is it hidden on such a tiny website?

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Ultimate 80s

Example of a bad website: Ultimate 80s

We all loved the 80s, right?  Even if you weren't alive back then, you can appreciate (while often mocking) the music, the fashion, the relative innocence of the times...but we digress.

Unless this website is purposefully "retro", which we don't think it is, it's hideous.  Some of you will cry "Geocities!" with a bit of nostalgia.  Some of you will claim that your corneas will never be the same again.  Some of you may even follow the link to a 7 CD boxed set of this music on Amazon, and actually buy it.

If you do, the creator of this website will actually make money.  And isn't that the purpose of a website?  Maybe this one isn't such a fail after all.

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Boxed Meat Revolution

Example of a bad website: Boxed Meat Revolution

When we first heard about "Boxed Meat", we were naturally curious as well as skeptical - but apparently it's a real thing.  This submitted website is actually amusing, especially when "Little Debbie Snacks" is listed among the suppliers.  Are they making meat cupcakes now?

On a serious note, misspellings abound, and other than the actual title of the website, you wouldn't know it was for a business that sells meat.  Even the Products page is blank, except for a banner stating "Why Boxed Meat is UNIQUE".  What a tease!  Now we want to know.

There's a link to click for 'hundreds of recipe ideas' which LEAVES the site and goes to  Free advice:  it's never a good idea to direct users away from your website.

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