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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Example of a bad website: VIVID

When this website was submitted to us, we noticed right away that the blinding pink and black design is indeed "vivid".  What we also found is that the time it takes to load this website and navigate around it is unforgivable - not just to us - but to search engines.  You need to make sure your website is optimized for fast load-times or you'll be penalized.

It's also a good idea to get someone with a good grasp of writing to look over your content before putting it out on the Interwebs.  "Staff" page - we're looking at you.

There's also a scary security warning that keeps popping up on the contact page - so we aren't hanging around on it any longer.

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Karate 99

Example of a bad website: Karate 99

While we have no doubt that the owners, instructors and staff of this business could totally kick our butts - we're betting that our sponsor could kick their web design in the butt.

It's not that this website is short on useful content, or explanations of their expertise.  There is a LOT of information; it's just poorly arranged and presented.  Where is this place located?  Why isn't the phone number boldly visible as part of the header and on each and every page?  Where's the class schedule and hours, so I can see (quickly) if their programs fit into my free time?  We did find an old schedule, from January of 2010, but had to first discover that there are horizontal nav buttons hidden under swipes of gray paint.  Or is it eye-black?  Hey, you tell US.

A quick Googling for 'martial arts schools' in the city this school is in shows a LOT of competitors.  Some have worse websites...but not many.  You need to stand out above the rest if you want to attract business.

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Lightning Protection

Example of a bad website: Lightning Protection

Fact: Lightning Will Strike.

Fact: Websites Can Suck. And this one does. Oh, we suppose it was really rad right around the time people actually used the word 'rad' with a straight face. But lightning is not to be screwed around with! And neither is good website design.

If you want to sell a protective service - from anything - wouldn't you want to convey an impression of security and trustworthiness? Danger, doom and scary growing fonts don't do that. Tell users what you do, and why you are better at it than anyone else that provides the same service.

There is some good advice to be found on this site, though. DON'T "Ride a bike or horse as a thunderstorm approaches." Bikes are made of metal, so we understand. But horses??

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National Taxidermists Association

Example of a bad website: National Taxidermists Association

If the happy fella in our screenshot is any indication, he did indeed benefit from joining the NTA. Why, that looks like an actual human lady! Well done, sir!
Here's a question: If you have a logo that you like - why stop there? Why not make another one, so you can have one at the top left corner of the website - and here's the crazy part: another one in the top right corner?

It's also a good idea to actually HAVE an secure site if you're going to ask people to enter their credit card numbers, including the CVV number. Maybe that's why the text on the NON-secure page says to "simply fill in this *secure* " (wink wink) form. We're not sure why they didn't also ask for your mother's maiden name while they were at it, so your credit card number could be used for a variety of purchases.

We're also not sure why there's a bald eagle in the header image. We're not supposed to kill and stuff those...are we?


p.s. Any business or organization will appear to be more professional if the contact email addresses are @theirdomain, rather than Just sayin'.

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The Owners Store!

Example of a bad website: The Owners Store!

Every day, we all get junk emails, right? These days, few people fall for clicking on any of the links in those emails. Here at boogersite, we enjoy looking at those (usually) crap websites and today's boogersite is no exception. The email promised, and we quote: "Everything a business owner needs, in one place."

Feast your eyes, business owners, on one of the poorest examples of a WordPress website that we've seen. It's as though someone was dreaming of Windows 8, then woke up and vomited on their monitor.

This site's only purpose - and correct us if we're mistaken - is to lure the unsuspecting into buying something on Amazon. I think we all know how to find Amazon on our own.

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