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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Bad Do-It-Yourself Website

Example of a bad website: Bad Do-It-Yourself Website

This is what happens when bad 'build your own website' tools happen to good people.

A professional web design company would've never sold you a landing page like this one, trust us.  No one should ever have to click 'enter' to get to your website.  Once we do, however, we land on a 13 page long 'Current Works' page.  No address, no way to contact these craftsmen - which should be on every page.  If you're going to use a template, we'd think that template should have a spot for company name/address/phone/email on every page. 

Also suspect is the meta information.  If the template came with defaults, there should be a reminder to change them to your own.  Does anyone think this site is about Financial Planning?  Because that's what the keywords are all about.  Beautiful handiwork deserves a better showcase than this.

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Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center

Example of a bad website: Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center

Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center:  well, that's what the page title says!  And other than a cheery (and unnecessary) "Welcome To Our Web Site" message, there's not much else going on here.  By the way - there is NO NEED to welcome users to your website.  Your design should do that.  If you think you're being cute and original, think again. If you Google "welcome to our website", there are 724 million websites that say the same thing.

Please, people -  if you're paying for a website, at minimum you have hosting charges even if you built the website yourself.  So why not finish it??  None of the other pages (About Us, FAQs, Products & Services, Specials) has any content whatsoever.  Why have the site out there if the content isn't ready?

We actually waited to post this user-submitted website, to see if the promised content was going to be forthcoming.  Alas, we are still seeing pages 'under construction'.  BIG no-no. 

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Pixel Playhouse Dot Com

Example of a bad website: Pixel Playhouse Dot Com

When 'pixel playhouse' was submitted to us, the domain extension was not included.  The submitter asked if the site was a joke.  Therefore, we've checked out both .com and .net, and they're both boogersites!  Double trouble!

On the .com version pictured here, we can't figure out what the domain name has to do with a page that is promoting cheap web hosting.  And when we say 'promoting', it is a loose definition of the word.  All this site really does is show you many competing options.  Why, if you are truly in the hosting business, would you have Google ads all over your site that compete with what you're trying to sell?

Doesn't make any sense.   Read on below for the other 'pixel playhouse'.

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Pixel Playhouse Dot Net

Example of a bad website: Pixel Playhouse Dot Net

'pixel playhouse' continued:

For the .net version pictured here - and yes it IS hard to read, your eyes are fine - we can't seem to navigate through the site, whether you choose the ENHANCED version that uses Flash or the LOW BANDWIDTH version - as if those with higher bandwidth automatically prefer Flash.  Yeah right.  Good luck using this site on your smartphone!  And by the way - an animated 'intro', popups and audio are a surefire way to alienate users.  If you are patient, maybe by now you've reached the actual website.  Sure, you can hover over SERVICES, and some choices appear (one of them, unbelievably, is 'web site' design) but you cannot click on any of the services for further information.  In fact, if you move your cursor away from hovering, you lose the entire menu of services.  The same is true for LOCATIONS.   We're already frustrated and bored, so buh-bye.

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Cross Stitch Pattern

Example of a bad website: Cross Stitch Pattern

This boogersite was not exactly 'submitted' to us, at least not in the usual way.  It came to us via email, with the incredible suggestion that was relevant to one of the emailer's business partner's websites, and that we should consider cross-linking.  Oh, we'll link to you, friend, but not in the way you were hoping.

What do we always preach?  Have a clear brand image, easy-to-use navigation, and make it easy for site visitors to understand what you do right away.  Fail, fail, and fail. Quick - where is the navigation?  Hint:  look up.  There it is, up in the ivy-covered rafters.  Another problem - the paid Google ads on this site are pitching the same thing you're trying to give away here.

Whatever you do, don't miss the article on "Cross Stitch and Men - Crossing the Gender Barrier"

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