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Examples of Bad Websites

Help us clean up the Internet!

Submit your own bad websites.

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Example of a bad website: 85main

The person who submitted this site described it as having: "mystery navigation, skewed photography, roll-overs-to-negative, general badness".

"General Badness", which sounds like an awesome character in a not-yet-written movie, does indeed describe this site. This restaurant is presumed to be a great place to eat if you believe the rave reviews (from 2005!) on the site - if you can find them, that is. By the way, these reviews, as well as any site content in pdf form, should open in a new window. Needing to click the browser's back button to return to your website is no way to treat a visitor.

You might have the greatest product, service, or restaurant EVER - but if you are still depending on word-of-mouth or Facebook to attract new customers (instead of a great and well-made website), you aren't taking advantage of the most cost-effective advertising available today.

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Example of a bad website: iNTUiTiV CoNCePTs

Along with the wAcKY name, we have a WaCKy weBsItE.  (see how annoying that is?)  First of all, if you are going to claim "Website Design" as something you offer...perhaps you should actually have made one for yourself that shows talent in that area.   Fail #1.

Secondly, if a company is "vastly experienced in all avenues of graphc design", you many want to get someone even slightly experienced at proofreading copy.  Psst...don't forget the "magzine advertisement lay-outs".  Fail #2

Thirdly, to show off examples of work, websites often offer a Portfolio area, as this site does.  A helpful tip - free of charge - is to actually have something to show.  Clicking on any of the categories including the intriguing MiSCALLENOUs should actually produce some examples to look at.  You guessed it - Fail #3.

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Example of a bad website: FloGo

When this boogersite was submitted, we thought it sounded like a drainage company.  Not so!  This website is for an electronic system that replaces the good ol' "Next, please!" human interface.

To illustrate this, there is animation on the landing page of identical lime green figures that move in supposed efficiency to the head of the line, and then get served.  Watch more closely. When the greenie at the head of the line moves forward toward an illuminated light, the rest of the greenies in line disappear.  Now, we don't know about you - but what we'd like to see is a system that makes everyone in FRONT of us in line disappear.

What can we say about the design?  It's old.  The subpages don't retain the nav, the colors/style is not consistent, and there is no way to order the product online. 

If this company is still in business, it seems to be time to invest in a new website and some new product photos.


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J&L Fasteners

Example of a bad website: J&L Fasteners

There's not a lot to pick on here, other than the fact that this site was submitted months ago - and is still under construction.  Why put it out there if it's not finished?

Your company website needs to portray an image of quality and reliability.  Consider your choices as a consumer  - if you searched for a particular product or service, and began clicking on the search results one by one...would you linger on a website that was under construction?  Probably not. 

If your company has a website - go take a look at it.  Before you do, try to let go of your familiarity with it.  If you were a stranger to your business - would you find your website appealing and up-to-date?  Would you be able to find what you were looking for without getting frustrated?  Would you recommend the site to others?  If the answer to any of these questions is an uncomfortable 'not really', contact our sponsor.

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Psychic Temple Online

Example of a bad website: Psychic Temple Online

Here's a question for you:  Would a good psychic know their website was going to appear on boogersite?  We think so, which makes it puzzling why this boogersite has not already been redone.

Aside from the obvious issue with the logo, there is a crazy mix of text with text-as-image here.  Why do people do that?  If you've got some designy oddball font, you need to publish it as an image so it can be displayed in all browsers, that's why.  It doesn't seem to have been necessary here.  Also note that the menu options change depending upon which page you are on.  As this is the Psychic Temple Online, I'd have expected some online activity, maybe an interactive Tarot reading or something.  Or - should the website have greeted us by name?!

This place has won 3 Psychic Awards...but they probably already knew that.

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