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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Stewart Electric

Example of a bad website: Stewart Electric

Okay class, what year was FP6 from...1998 maybe?  Whether you know the answer or not, you will definitely realize it's time to update a website that was created using this very old tool when you visit the recently submitted 

Firefox refuses to display many of the old-school 'design' elements, such as the WordArt 'Hot Specials', only one of many design fouls to be seen on this site.  Animated gifs, animated menu flyouts that you have to see to believe using IE, and a wavy-bouncy scrolling banner.

The Specials page invites us to 'see our web page' for further details.  I thought we already ARE on the 'web page'?  However, there is an interesting background image of a woman joyfully holding what looks to be a garage door opener.  She may or may not be standing in front of a waterfall.  What this has to do with an electrical company is not clear.  Water + electricity = all bad, right? 

Almost every 'click here for more information' leads to a broken link.  The two links we found that DO work don't open a new window, as they should.  Instead, you're taken to another company's website, which is obviously counter-productive to having visitors stay on your site and hire YOU.

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Masai Interactive

Example of a bad website: Masai Interactive

Go ahead, blink a few times.  Your first impression that this is an interactive map of a subway system is incorrect.  Well, no wonder!  "you need to download Flash 8 to view this site properly".  Come on, everyone, hop into the time machine and go back to 2005 with us!  (we should buy some Google stock while we're there...)

IF you can see the horizontal nav choices, 'Who We Are' seems to be a historical montage of unreadable business cards.  'Resources' offers a free download that won't, and 'Contact Us' is pretty unfriendly. 
A basic best practice of having your logo always link to your home page was also ignored here.  Seriously, for a company that offers "Web Sites" as one of their 'solutions', you'd think they'd have a better one of their own.

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Cheapskate (Chesapeake) Fish Co.

Example of a bad website: Cheapskate (Chesapeake) Fish Co.

What are we supposed to do on this site?  If we own a seafood restaurant, and were searching for a new supplier, it would be unlikely that we'd run across this company online.  Why?  There isn't a single keyword associated with this website.

Can we order fish for our restaurant?  Not on the website. What makes this company a better choice than our current supplier?  It doesn't say.

If your site is meant to promote a product or a service - you should show off what you sell!  Include pictures, a description, and if appropriate, PRICING.  Then, provide an easy way to order or request information.
If you include photos on your site, make sure the resolution is high, and that there is a way to step through the photos.  Filling the screen (or part of it) with a photo leaving no way out other than the browser's back button is rude.  The only button we're going to click is the "X" to close the page.

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Bad Do-It-Yourself Website

Example of a bad website: Bad Do-It-Yourself Website

This is what happens when bad 'build your own website' tools happen to good people.

A professional web design company would've never sold you a landing page like this one, trust us.  No one should ever have to click 'enter' to get to your website.  Once we do, however, we land on a 13 page long 'Current Works' page.  No address, no way to contact these craftsmen - which should be on every page.  If you're going to use a template, we'd think that template should have a spot for company name/address/phone/email on every page. 

Also suspect is the meta information.  If the template came with defaults, there should be a reminder to change them to your own.  Does anyone think this site is about Financial Planning?  Because that's what the keywords are all about.  Beautiful handiwork deserves a better showcase than this.

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Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center

Example of a bad website: Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center

Hiram\\\\\\'s Tire & Service Center:  well, that's what the page title says!  And other than a cheery (and unnecessary) "Welcome To Our Web Site" message, there's not much else going on here.  By the way - there is NO NEED to welcome users to your website.  Your design should do that.  If you think you're being cute and original, think again. If you Google "welcome to our website", there are 724 million websites that say the same thing.

Please, people -  if you're paying for a website, at minimum you have hosting charges even if you built the website yourself.  So why not finish it??  None of the other pages (About Us, FAQs, Products & Services, Specials) has any content whatsoever.  Why have the site out there if the content isn't ready?

We actually waited to post this user-submitted website, to see if the promised content was going to be forthcoming.  Alas, we are still seeing pages 'under construction'.  BIG no-no. 

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