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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Cattle Today

Example of a bad website: Cattle Today

Huh.  Who would've thought that lime green with white text would be so hard to read?   Maybe it's just us non-beef industry folks, but does this look good to anyone?  There are also way too many menu options.  We trust that the purpose of this website is served by the articles posted in the middle, which are the only content that is easy to read. 

The ads down the right side offer some s-t-r-a-n-g-e items.  At the time of this posting, there was an ad for a 'replacement female sale'.  Quick, guys, you may be able to get a new woman at a discounted price!  (We think they mean cows, but still!)

If you manage to look a little further down the lime menu, you'll see that Web Sites and Web Design are two of the choices.  Please say it isn't so...we'd rather see the cattle industry stick to raising tasty hamburgers and leave the web design to us.

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Horse of Beauty

Example of a bad website: Horse of Beauty

"Why settle for dull, faded, sun bleached horses?"  Why indeed?  While we take time to ponder this question, why has this business settled for an old, unattractive FrontPage website?  To promote products, a website that hopes to SELL some of them should be up-to-date (not only with technology) with quality high-resolution photos.


Another 'must' for any website is to make sure the navigation is functional.  The subpages of this site - also spectacularly under-designed - have non-functional "Home" links.  Some of the page titles need attention as well.   "What" and "Anderson" don't accurately describe the pages they title.  There are even some places on this site with 3 full page-downs of whitespace between content areas.  Font colors of purple, red, and blue on patterned wallpaper won't get you style points either.


We trust that the animals pictured on this site get more attention than the site itself...



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Example of a bad website: ACTWD

This site got off on the wrong foot for us right away.  A blurry, out of focus logo & tag line - which is "It just doesn't get any easier".  What, exactly, doesn't get any easier?  Asking for "testimonials" from "customers" in your own office?  A lot of them, by the way, have boogersites themselves.  IF their domain is still up, that is.  If you're going to put references for your business on your website, at least make sure the company is still open for business and the linked site is still active.

This site's home page content is overlaid by right-hand-side nav choices. (Why right side?  Trying to be different?  Don't.)  For some reason, each subpage of this site has a completely different look.  When you do that, visitors think they've left your site for another one.  Consistent look, feel, and navigation is essential for site visitor experience, not to mention best practices.

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Example of a bad website: UNCLE BOOGER'S BUMPER DUMPER


If we told you that we knew of a FrontPage website with a tiled camo background, that includes a photo of a man sitting on a toilet attached to the bumper of a pickup truck - could you really ask for anything more?  "Could the man be holding a gun?" you ask.  You got it! 
This website, promoting a toilet seat that attaches to your bumper hitch is not nearly as innovative as the product itself.  For $69.95 (American) you'd save money by peeing in the woods, but if enough of you buy this gadget they could buy a better website.  The Order Now page is diarrhea green, none of the subpages match and there is no cohesive style or branding. 
A 'privacy screen' is mentioned as an accessory, but the page hasn't been developed yet. Don't do that!  If you mention it, you must have it ready!  However, you had us at "Uncle Booger".


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World's Most Handsome Guy

Example of a bad website: World's Most Handsome Guy

We. Are. Speechless. (almost)

Just take a look.  Words cannot describe.  Frames & FrontPage...yikes.  However, we'll let the site content speak for itself.  Completely random statements taken from this site:

 Only the Rich and Powerful could afford to advertise here!

 Provide urgent clothing alteration services

 Singapore's Biggest Online Models & Talents Agency

 Ex-Street Eyebrows Stylist

 President Obama of United States, Steven Lim loves and support you!

You may be thinking that this one was an easy target, and that's true.  Submit bad sites you've seen, and you may see them reviewed here! 

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