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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Grandma's Remedies

Example of a bad website: Grandma's Remedies

Grandmas are great, can we all agree?  Has there ever been a bad one?  They're known for sneaking candy to you, for being awesome cooks, and generally for spoiling you rotten.  Speaking of rotten - what in the pill-popping world is this website doing with Grandma's name on it?

We don't believe, for one second, that any real 'grandma' came up with the pill formulations being sold here.  Men's nutrients?  A detox program?  Sure, Grandma has some home remedies, but we're pretty sure she wasn't into detox formulations.

So - leaving "Grandma" out of it - this confusing website has a bad layout, and inconsistent fontage.  The search feature doesn't work.  It's also 2008.

If your website is meant to sell products, it needs to have an appealing design, a working search feature, and be current.  Everything this bad website doesn't have.

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Example of a bad website: V-Twin
Show of hands, please.   Who likes colors?  Everyone?  Of course you do.  But when colors are combined with no consideration for the vomitacious result that is today's bad website - well - you see what can happen.

PURPLE AND ORANGE?  There's a reason that no English word rhymes with either of those color names.  It's a sign that they're not meant to be combined.  There are also some design gimmicks here that remind us of the old days, where a 'scene' would be presented, and you could click on the various items and they would react.  Kind of like a shooting gallery at an amusement park.  Not on this old left-justified website - not even on the door's sign which says 'over 30,000 parts inside.'  We were kind of hoping that clicking on that door would cause it to swing open.

Colors can be used effectively to produce certain feelings in a target audience. The wrong colors, however, can be obnoxious and off-putting.

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Bigfoot Bicycle

Example of a bad website: Bigfoot Bicycle

The person who submitted this website had been searching for a cyclists club called BigFoot Bicycle.  Instead, he or she found this hacked website, now in Japanese.  Just look at it.  Do you see any bicycles?  Nope.  Just a calm man, gazing into the distance.  Maybe he's just finished a satisfying ride?  Nope.  Also on the landing page is a picture of a hairbrush and a tube of green goo.

Have you figured out what this website is about?   Do the other photos clue you in?   Alright, let's end the suspense.  Using a translate utility, we learn that this cycling club website is now a Japanese website for solving thinning hair problems.  It also revealed an amusing section called (in English) "Drinking to prevent hair loss."  We're in!!

How does this happen, you wonder?  By having an unsecured domain that someone has poached.  Folks - when you go with the cheapest hosting possible, your website is likely exposed and unsafe.  Always choose a reputable hosting facility with industry-standard protections.

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Elite Marble

Example of a bad website: Elite Marble

The products offered by this company may be "elite" but their website certainly isn't. We thought the age of small websites was past, now that nearly everyone has a nice large monitor.  Even if you don't have a huge one, you surely have at LEAST 1024x768.  This website might fill up an 800x600.  Maybe.  Size does matter, folks.

Marble and granite aren't cheap.  Therefore, let's presume this company makes some money, and should be able to afford a modern website.  One that has a way (other than using the 'back' arrow, that is) to get back to the Home page.  Although...there are only a few small photos there, so at this time, there's really no reason to go back there.

We can't even see who is taking credit for this outdated website, due to the bright purple text on a dark teal background.  There may be other design treasures waiting there, if you care (or dare) to click.  


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Example of a bad website: Cortest

According to research, some people actually prefer reading white text on a dark background.  Here at boogersite, we believe those people are actually blind.  Because today's poorly designed website is HARD TO READ!

Best practices for good website design include sensible advice such as each website page always including easy navigation back to the landing page as well as contact information.  That's not happening here.

When a company has reported earnings between $2.5-5M, one would think they'd be able to afford a modern website.  

Do you think your company has a good website? If not - submit it to boogersite, then you can point it out to your boss.

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