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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Crest Bakery

"You may have heard of transportation expenses and school discounts at movie theaters" - or not.  That's what today's bad website has as an opening line, when Google's handy Translate button is used.  

But why?

This used to be a bakery's website.  Left unsecured and unmonitored, it was hijacked by someone in Japan.  

Businesses - if you're going to have a website, and you all SHOULD, please use a reputable and secure company such as our sponsor. 

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Giant Website!

Everyone loves cheese, right?  Even people who can't eat it due to dietary restrictions - we bet they still like it.  Well have we got a website for you!  20 page-downs on varieties of cheese, and the page hasn't been updated since 2007, when 50 new cheeses were added.  At that rate, no WONDER the site hasn't been updated.  The internet just must not have room for 550 new cheeses.

This is a seriously gigantic website at over 400 pages.  We're pretty sure there are pages that no one remembers creating, and can no longer find.  If cheese isn't your thing, there's also information on Living, gardening, the Secrets of Wine Country, and book reviews.  Something for everyone!

Seriously, though - what is the purpose of this website?  That's typically the first item discussed with a professional web developer. 

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Dancing Cow Cheese

Today's bad website is being featured not because of its design, but rather because it stole someone's domain.  

Does this website really look as though it's about cheese?  Maybe the goofy-looking guy on the right is cheesy, but that's not the point.

Somehow, a company called Dancing Cow Cheese didn't take steps to protect their domain, and now it's been taken over by what seems to be a blog in Spanish about investing.  Maybe - you tell us, we don't speak the language.  

Don't let this happen to you.  If you have questions, our sponsor will be happy to help.

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Sedona Psychic

Frontpage AND keyword fun - what a lucky day!  If you were searching for "2012 consciousness technologies" or "quantum physics," this site might pop up in your search results.  If you really were searching for quantum physics, we believe there's going to be some disappointment.

This cosmic twinkly site has got to be from 1998 or so. That's the year that the 'modern day' Lost in Space movie came out.  Perhaps that was the inspiration for the design?

Sedona, Arizona is a magical place, judging by the overwhelming number of psychics and their crazy websites.  This is just one of them.

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Today's bad website is for an organization called C.A.T.S.  Fooled ya!  It's not about cats at all!  It's a website for a tall person club, or in today's parlance, peoples with bonus verticality.  

The club accepts members over 5'10" for women, over 6'2" for men, which leaves us wishing they'd had requirements for their web developer - such as 'must have actual skills' or 'know someone with web development skills' or 'have seen a modern website' at the very least.

The thumbnail pictured is only the landing page, we invite you to click on through to a mishmash of page colors and styles.  Animated gifs, flashing stars, a link to a website where you can make your own jeans, as well as where to buy shoes and furniture that'll fit these folks.  It's a fun site, it's simply lacking any sense of design and consistency.

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