Examples of Bad Websites

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Suburban Steel

Creating a website in Microsoft Word then saving it as a 'web page' might have not been a terrible idea to get yourself a quick and temporary website 20 years ago.  For that 'starter' website to still be active today as the face of your company?  NO.

Today's bad website is an artifact of those times.  The blurred, pixelated logo and utter lack of design make you wonder why - in all this time - hasn't a newer site been developed?

If you were online, seeking the types of products or services this company offers - would you spend more than a few seconds on this outdated website?  Shrug.  Probably not.  Maybe they're not even in business any longer, yet prepaid for decades of web hosting.

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Argyle Supply

At some point, Argyle Supply was a website for a plumbing supply business.  Made with WordPress, it was taken over by the 'geniuses' who post random blogs about unrelated things.  If anyone knows how this is a money-maker, or why it's done, please let us know.  WordPress has gotten better, but at one point it was ripe for exploits.

Links to everything under the sun, and hovering over contact info shows that "earl campbell meats" is going to be where the link goes.  A link in one blog goes to house painters in British Columbia.  Another link goes to a mesothelioma attorney.  ???

Bad websites are getting harder to find, because businesses realize there is value in hiring professional web developers.  You should too.

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Security Concepts

When shopping for services, especially for something as important as security, one would hope to find several choices online, all with a professional-looking website that inspires confidence.  If that is true, this bad website is NOT going to be one of the companies you contact.

Small, dark and blurry images are used throughout, and under Private Investigation there is a category called "Stocking Issues".  We hope that's a simple mistake, and "stalking" is what was meant unless they really do investigate what's wrong with your socks.

There's a broken link to Centurion Arms (whatever that is) and a contact email address at yahoo!  Need we say more?

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Millennium Optics

It's old, it's made with Yahoo! SiteBuilder, it's ugly...just an all-around bad website.

IF any attention was given to design, we'd bet a cracker that 'legally blind' might be used to describe the creator.  "Blank" does not make for a useful title tag either.

Shrug.  You get what you pay for.  In this case, it was clearly not much.  

When you have a business, and would like to make money, please hire a professional web design company, such as our sponsor.


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Not sure about the url, today's bad website seems to have been registered with a country code indicating the Cocos Islands, an Australian territory.  A small territory, less than 6 square miles.  Shrug.  The site defines itself as being "for market intelligence in the recycling and composting businesses".

Some Google ad services are at the botton in lieu of a footer, for whatever reason.  Mostly, there are just links to and a short description of other websites.

You've got Composting News, in case that is up your alley and you need to learn more.  There's also the Paper Stock Report, in case you are actually still using...paper.  And finally, way-2-grow, leading to a 'domain for sale' page.

So...what was this site for again?

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