Examples of Bad Websites

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Vivid Hair

Today's bad website is like an abandoned boutique with a lot of pretty mannequins left behind.  Pictures of silent women with beautiful hair are all you'll find here.

There are navigation options, but like walking from one empty room into another, all you'll find is creepy silence.

Maybe the site is still being built?  Or maybe it was abandoned.  Shrug.  Either way, there's not even an indication of where this business is - if it ever even existed at all.

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Today's bad website has a 'web only deal' that expires at the end of September 2010, so we don't think anyone's going to be offended when we point out what makes it a boogersite.

There's no evidence of styling, not even a basic effort to have consistency from page to page.  No footer. 

Every link on the site opens in the same window, meaning you just escorted visitors off your website and on to someone else's.  That's never a good idea - but you'll be glad to leave this website and land on one that's much more modern.

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Harris Company

Are you familiar with the phrase "I can't even!"?  Get ready to say it when you pull up this website.  It is rare to come across such a dinosaur these days.  

It is safe to say that here at boogersite, we have never seen a website so bad.  If hosting costs were based on word count, you would need the riches of a Saudi prince to afford this shockingly wordy website.

There is no explanation for the myriad content on here, we can't even tell what we're supposed to DO on this website.  Clicking the X to close the browser tab seems to be the best option.


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Academy of Truck Driving

As the callout on the landing page shouts - You Now Have Choices!  And yes, you do.  You can choose to hire a web design professional.  And you should have.

A professional would have put a phone number on the landing page, and an address.  An enrollment calendar for the current year (2020) instead of for 2018 would be helpful as well.  Opening links in new windows or tabs instead of leaving the site would be good too.  And real navigation buttons instead of neon jellybeans.

Shrug.  If you want to become a professional truck driver, you have choices.  Sound familiar?  Maybe choose a school that has a professional web presence.

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Hair of the Dog

Usually, the phrase 'hair of the dog' refers to drinking some of what gave you a hangover to help 'get over it'.  In today's bad website's case - it may be the source of your hangover.

Busy, cluttered, style-less are all accurate adjectives.  We also found broken links, blurred photos, and innocently clicking for a tour of the shop started an automatic, unwanted download.  FOR SHAME!

A large callout to Lost and Found led to two poor pooches that have been missing since 2009.  We can only hope (for once) that the site has simply not been updated in 11 years.  Poor doggies, and poor website.

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