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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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AMRESCO!  Do you think that's repeated often enough on the landing page?  Not counting the AMRESCOs in images, there are 18 instances.  We get it!  Now stop already!

There's nothing newer than some reports dated 2000, so it's unlikely the claim  of "servicing business for over 25 years" is true.

This bad website is just plain ugly, and doesn't actually provide a way to do business with them - if in fact they are still a going concern.

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Malachi Computer Consultants

We don't know about you, but he last time we heard the name "Malachi" it was in the horror movie Children of the Corn.  It doesn't seem to be the name of any employee here, so....weird.

Today's bad website is not simply old.  A big problem is that many of the links to Recent Projects show a website much newer and done by a different company.  The clients have moved on!  And so, it seems, have the business partners.  There is a list of four - only one of which leads to a working (maybe?) website just as plain and old as this one.

The company could be out of business.  If so - why leave this site hanging around?

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HAL Mfg. Co.

You can see what's wrong here at a glance - not only is today's bad website non-responsive, it's not even left-justified so you have to go driving around just to see the content.  Secondly...is that a yahoo email address in the header?  Seriously??

Clicking on the generically named Catalog One does show results, but Catalog Two is nothing but an error page denying its own existence.

The landing page text you see is repeated throughout the site (WHY?).  The copywriter seems to be allerigic to hyphens and addicted to commas.  Let's hope they do great design.



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Three Rivers Sheet Metal

Deemed unsafe by our browser, we forged ahead on behalf of the alert Internet user who advised us of this bad website.

It sure doesn't look like much, perhaps the nearly blank website is hiding some predators.  Hmmm.  Looks like a harmless list of clickable Management personnel, and a Downloads page.  Let's see.  the Go to files link does nothing, the Download free FTP software here starts an instant download of Core FTP Lite, and the instructions for using it were created 11 years ago.

That's literally it, folks.  Not even one photo, or shred of design.  Shrug.  Maybe simple is best, but they really ought to take care of that 'unsafe' problem.

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Talk Reason

Pop Quiz, class:  What's the number one purpose of the landing page of a website?  If you answered "To showcase what you do or sell", you are correct and may be dismissed, because this bad website doesn't do that.

Let's dig in:  The topic sentence announces the death of the company founder, in 2013.  Our condolences.  However, we'll also offer condolences to the utter lack of design whatsoever.  There's nothing to lure you in or make you want to stay, unless your hobby is to search for meaning among random paragraphs of unorganized information.  And wow is there a LOT.

The last line on the landing page says "Welcome and enjoy!"  Enjoy??

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