Examples of Bad Websites

There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Bruce Air

SINNERS!  Get yourselves right into a handbasket because you are going straight to you-know-where.  See the light green bundle of words at the bottom of the home page?  All of those 'keywords'?  That is a blatant violation of best practices, and any self-respecting SEO cheater-face would've hidden them in text that matched the background.  Not here!

This bad website has keywords RIGHT OUT THERE in an attempt to gain higher placement on search engine results:  air compressors air dryers air compressors air air compressors air dryers dryers air compressors air compressors air dryers  air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers air compressors air dryers



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Varney Wellness

Here at boogersite.com, we receive examples of what people believe are bad websites.  Most of the submissions are indeed bad, no matter the intent or services offered by the business with the old/ugly/bad site.  Today is one of those examples.

Even if the message is a good one, when it's in a container that features a dizzying background of moving water, light yellow font on blue, and easily corrected misspellings (Sliver instead of Silver) it's hard to decide if there is worth behind the public image.

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Formtech Plastics

First off - a company that has an AOL email address makes you wonder if they're still in business.

Secondly, a blurry header image of a coastline doesn't seem to have much to do with plastics or what this company does.

Thirdly, the 1980 mauve color used isn't doing anything to convey the impression that this business is in the current century.

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GNJ Construction

"GNJ FIBER CONSTRUCTION LLC is a company that can be relied upon" says today's bad website.  Maybe it is!  But you cannot rely on the navigation options on the website to do anything.  Products, nothing.  Services...nothing.  About and Contact both open in new windows.  Weird.

There's not very much going on here content-wise, if you can sustain interest to go looking around after the 'design' curiosities.

Aerial Construction - new window, so at least there's consistency...but utterly blank.  Underground has content, including a guarantee of "excellance".  Fiber Splicing, Mapping & Design, General Maintenance...all blank.


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LM Equipment

Why are there still websites out there scaring people away?  The browser we use here at boogersite gave us two warnings in a row, which we recklessly bypassed to get to the website...but how many potential customers would take that risk?

Surely, someone has told this company 'hey, I tried to go to your website, but got warnings that it wasn't safe to do so' and then what - the company completely ignored them?  Or - did that potential customer just turn to a competitor with a safe website?  LM Equipment may never know.

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