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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Andeen-Hagerling, Inc.

Today's bad website is very technical.  But what is NOT technical (anymore) is the ancient technology used to create it.  Mozilla 4.7.  Not '47', four point seven.  Considering we're at version 117 now, that gives you an idea of how old this site is.

Tossing aside that tidbit, just look at it.  Maybe, and hopefully, this makes sense to someone and they'll find it useful.  It looks like an unorganized jumble to us, and the startling lack of images doesn't help.

Scientific things are allowed to have some style, aren't they?

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Scandinavian Signature

Ai-yai-yai....light blue on textured gray was hard enough to read, now notice the little ships used as nav buttons.  

The site looks old, and the photos of Custom Homes are from 2009, which explains their outdated design.  NOTHING explains the outdated design of today's bad website though.

People - it's not expensive to procure a professionally developed website with the tools to update the content yourselves.  Which you should do at a rate that will show potential customers you're not stuck in the past.

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Unsafe, warns our browser.  But for you, kind reader, we took the chance.

And wow, what a sight was revealed to us.  It would be like an archeologist starting a dig, and almost immediately discovering a real dinosaur.  Yep, "International Cyber Business Services, Inc." is a DINOSAUR.

Gaze upon the spectacle while you can.  Surely, it will either disappear into the ether or get redesigned very soon.  One can hope.

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Precision Glass

Ever heard of keyword stuffing?  Just look at the thumbnail representing today's bad website.  Every area community and car/truck variety you can think of are 'stuffed' into this site, with the (supposed) goal of making THIS website the one that pops up when searching for auto glass for a certain vehicle in a certain community.  It's embarrassing for whoever made this website, because it's an underhanded tactic for SE results rather than putting in the work to make the business a natural and organic result with the TRUTH.

By 2005, many invisible text techniques were easily detected by major search engines.  These aren't even hidden.  Keyword stuffing may lead to a website being banned or penalized in search ranking on major search engines either temporarily or permanently.  

DON'T DO IT. It's not worth it, and very hard to recover from.

If you hire a company to develop a website for your business, please make sure they know what they are doing.  Otherwise, you could end up on boogersite.com, just like this bad website.

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A & P Tech Services

Once upon a time, this website functioned as the public face of a manufacturing firm.  Small, but competent.  Now?  You tell us.

It's been hijacked by someone but - as usual - it's hard to tell what the goal of doing so is or was.  Why bother to take over an unsecured website, to re-theme it with random images and filler text?

If you figure it out, let us know.  Or, submit a bad website here.

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