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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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GNJ Construction

"GNJ FIBER CONSTRUCTION LLC is a company that can be relied upon" says today's bad website.  Maybe it is!  But you cannot rely on the navigation options on the website to do anything.  Products, nothing.  Services...nothing.  About and Contact both open in new windows.  Weird.

There's not very much going on here content-wise, if you can sustain interest to go looking around after the 'design' curiosities.

Aerial Construction - new window, so at least there's consistency...but utterly blank.  Underground has content, including a guarantee of "excellance".  Fiber Splicing, Mapping & Design, General Maintenance...all blank.


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LM Equipment

Why are there still websites out there scaring people away?  The browser we use here at boogersite gave us two warnings in a row, which we recklessly bypassed to get to the website...but how many potential customers would take that risk?

Surely, someone has told this company 'hey, I tried to go to your website, but got warnings that it wasn't safe to do so' and then what - the company completely ignored them?  Or - did that potential customer just turn to a competitor with a safe website?  LM Equipment may never know.

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Fun Makers

Because areas of this website mention some new attractions 'coming in 2014', we're assuming this company is not doing business any longer.  

Their Facebook page has nothing newer than a question from 2019, where they claim to not do balloon rides in the county being asked about, although the website says they do.  So some confusion exists, which is never good for business.  Then again, even the font colors are confused on the site:

Make your loved ones' bucket liscomtruthis holiday season!

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Sometimes 'old' and 'small' are indicators of a bad website.  Sometimes a company which has an old and small website isn't even in business anymore, and has left their website hanging around out in cyberspace, clogging up the Internet.  Sometimes -- old and small still works.

Surprised?  Well, it IS the holiday season, so we're feeling generous. This old/small website still works, and may be just what this company needs.  The links still work, although we'd recommend opening them in a new window (ALWAYS). Getting an SSL would be a good idea too.  

It's the last known working FrontPage 3 site we've ever seen.  If you can find another one, let us know here.

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Church Budget

Today's bad website means well.  The company behind it supplies envelopes to churches, presumably for you to put your tithe or donation into, then mail in or place in the collection plate.  Times have changed, those envelopes are no longer just in holders in the back of the pew in front of you, with the little pencils.  Kids could use them to draw on if bored in church.  

We believe this website could do a better job of showing how far tithing 'equipment' has come, from mailing lists to online offerings to colored envelopes.  Perhaps they could feature a donation button to collect funds to improve this website.

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