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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Gemini Creative

Is it just us - or would you be looking for a more appealing website when visiting one for a company that sells website design?

The landing page for this particular shop is underwhelming to say the least.  Then, the first three examples of their work show a photo with the client's company name in white text upon it.  Three in a row!  It may be safe to say that this is the formula, and you'll know ahead of time what you'll be getting.  Not very 'creative' eh?


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Moisture Guard

Old websites can still function while looking extremely dated, and today's bad website does just that.  The links still work, the email addresses are @the domain instead of some out-of-business ISP and no pages are broken.

Sure, the Project gallery could have larger, more clear updated images (and more Projects!) but overall - the site functions.

Responsive design and and an overall redesign would serve this company well.

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Tuffy Pad

Tuffy Pad!  It's fun to say...but the website is not 'fun' to look at.  It's not changed since we were advised of its lack of appeal back in 2010.  No joke, it was part of a crop of websites all made by the same 'designer' which is now out of business.  No wonder, if this is an example of the product.

The quaint old Links page used to lead to other websites by the 'designer', all of which are now defunct.  FrontPage still hangin' in there though...


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First Priority

At first glance, we'll tell you what is NOT 'first priority', and that's knowing that your Flash banner image is gone!  And has been for years.  Also not a priority is design, alas.

The most recently dated content mentions the Job Creation Act of 2010, other than that there's a letter from the owner or founder talking about the first six months of 2002.  

None of the 'home' nav works on any subpage, and all links to articles are broken.  It's not a leap of logic to assume this company isn't around any longer.  Then why is the website still there?

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American Mortgage

Ahem - your template is showing.  At least that's what we see when we go to the either coming soon or former website for American Mortgage.

Helpfully, there is a link to the website ON the website, so there's that.  Someone must've told you links were a good thing.  Psst...not this type though.

It seems that Network Solutions provided this template, although no one materialized to fill in the content.



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