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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

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Hide and Fur

Example of a bad website: Hide and Fur

Here at, we see a lot of odd things.  Bad websites submitted to us are supposed to be because they are badly designed, but in some cases the submitter calls attention to a weird item on a website that is in itself not necessarily bad.  Well - today we've got both.  A website suffering from lack of design - AND weird stuff.

Cougar eyeballs.  Not even kidding.  A pair will cost you $25, and they're from the same animal.

Horse teeth. A moose skull. Rattlesnake rattles. Yellow-bellied marmot hides.

When this site says it's the Web's Leading Fur House, we're not gonna argue.

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Example of a bad website: FunWorld

"A little dirty and run down, but the kids love it."  This comment is from a review of the place, but could also apply to the website for FunWorld.  Sure, it's really old.  Nostalgic, even.  Probably like area residents feel about this business.  The website almost smells musty, doesn't it?

Here's the issue.  What should be front and center on the website, isn't.  HOURS!  Days and hours!  You're invited to call to hear a recorded message, but why?  It would take more time to create a custom recording every day than it would to update the website - if indeed whoever made it left an administrative interface behind.  Judging by the appearance of the images on this site, that didn't happen.  

We're going to excuse the Comic Sans this time, but only because this website is for a kids fun center...



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DV Clubs

Example of a bad website: DV Clubs

Holy cow there's a lot of text here.  NINE PAGES of it on the landing page. Folks - the Internet does not charge 'by the page' so it's okay and expected to divide your content up into sensible categories.  Services, Products, etc.  Well wait.  There ARE subpages. So why is the homepage so confusing?

Maybe the answer is an utter lack of design.  No one even tried.  There's a bit of attitude present in the text, so maybe someone tried to suggest it and was clubbed down.

Interestingly, there's a link for a neighboring pizza shop with an equally bad website.  But you actually stay on the main site, this is just a subpage.  With no nav to get back to the main site.  I think we're done here.

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Hot Sauce

Example of a bad website: Hot Sauce

When anyone out there submits a bad website, getting the url to us is pretty simple.  We didn't find what you meant to send, but we found THIS.  Hot Sauce.  We were expecting a site either about or selling hot sauce, but instead we stumbled across this curiosity.  

Check it out.  We got a few different landing pages, and wow are the subpages weird.  A short attention span must be required to view the content, because it's always in motion and boy is it fast.  Most of it can't be read or understood - and that's a fail in our opinion. 

Overall, it's confusing.  And if you're trying to sell something, confusion is not a tactic that leads to success.

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Example of a bad website: Gods-Domains

Today's submitted bad website is basically a list of domains for sale by an enterprising individual who has presumably purchased them all.  As of today, there are 1522 for sale.  That represents a pretty good chunk of change, and assuming they need to be renewed annually that must get expensive.

So if you're looking for a domain, there are some odd ones here.  We're not sure what the significance of the number 1215225 is, but both the .com and .net versions are available.  If you're feeling dangerous, is for sale - and if you'd like some hate mail, is also listed. ???

We can't pick on 'design,' really, because if this website is doing its job - listing domains that are for sale - then it has served its purpose.  So it's not a true boogersite - it is really more of a curiousity.


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