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Examples of Bad Websites

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There are countless examples of embarrassing website designs and development out there. These are the latest examples we have discovered. For each site below we provide a brief analysis to assist you in avoiding the same pitfalls.

After looking at the websites and critiques below, please visit our free advice area.

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Quantum Solutions

Example of a bad website: Quantum Solutions

Looks professional, doesn't it?  Sure, until you start reading the content.  It's all filler text.  Google will helpfully offer to translate the Latin, but there's no point.

Someone went to the trouble of creating a website with nice headings, then either forgot to finish or lost interest.  This company offers help to those that need a website, and don't know where to start.  But that's all - just the start.  You'll have to turn elsewhere for the rest.

The copyright date is 2016 (and we're near the end of 2018) so it doesn't seem that simple laziness is to blame.

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Example of a bad website: Prosen

Here at, we get a lot of websites submitted to us as "down."  Sometimes, by the time we get around to checking them out, they have been restored or otherwise fixed.  Today's bad website, or rather - absent website - is one that didn't come back to life.

If you need to take a website 'down' for "scheduled maintenance," you'd likely have a plan in place to make that as efficient of a process as possible.  After hours, on a Sunday...whatever would work best to minimize downtime.

This website came to our attention in mid-summer.  July.  It is now November 1st.  

Our conclusion is that the place went out of business and rather than cancel or kill the site, it was left with its figurative pants down, maybe until the hosting runs out.

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Example of a bad website: Rumpology

When this bad website was submitted, we didn't realize that what was submitted was not the landing page - as we were mesmerized that something called "rumpology" exists.  Please do explore the entire awful website, because it employs the same terrible design throughout.

Apparently, Sylvester and Frank Stallone's mama has a multi-faceted career of her own as an astrologer, psychic, Dean of a University, author...but most interestingly as a Rumpologist.  There's no concise way to paraphrase the content, you must enjoy it for yourself in its entirety.

The real sin here is the crummy, outdated 'design.'  Content aside, if these businesses were successful, surely some funds could be put toward a better website.

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Bad Website

Example of a bad website: Bad Website


269 word title.  Same 269 words used as keywords, and also as the meta description.  All other (visible) sins pale in comparison.

No navigation.

No contact information.

Enough said.

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Multi-flow Dispensers

Example of a bad website: Multi-flow Dispensers

Here at boogersite, we're always surprised to find Flash still in use on websites.  At all.  Today's bad website is nothing BUT Flash.  All a person has to do is Google "should I use Flash on my website?" to see many articles - some dating back to 2010 - on why it's a bad idea.

So why companies still feature Flash is a mystery.  You start out by alientating ANYONE with an iPhone.  Think about that.  According to statistia, 43.5% of people in the US own an iPhone, and that was in 2015.  That number is expected to increase.  After that, you also miss out on anyone who doesn't have Adobe Flash installed, which is no wonder due to the security issues and incessant updates required.

If your website uses Flash - anywhere - it's really time to deal with it.  Bite the bullet and contact our sponsor, they will be happy to help.

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